How to Credit an Invoice

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Use the credit invoice function to mark an invoice as credited when your customer will not be paying the invoice.

A couple of things to note

  1. FireMate Professional is not an accounting package, any changes required to send\return money into customer bank accounts need to be handled in your third party accounting package such as XERO. 
  2. Crediting an invoice is only available on an invoice that has been 'finalised'. It can be 'unsent', but needs to be 'finalised'. 
  3. You cannot credit a paid invoice
  4. You cannot revert a credited invoice back to draft
  5. You cannot void a credited invoice
  6. You cannot partially credit an invoice, the full amount must be credited
  7. Once an invoice has been credited it cannot be reverted back to its previous status. 
  8. If you wish to edit the invoice, do not credit it. Click here for more information on how to edit an invoice

  9. When crediting an invoice that has been exported to your accounts package, the first step is to credit it in the accounts package first, take note of the credit note number, this is the number you will enter into FireMate so you have the same number on both invoices as a reference
  10. Credited invoices are not exported into your accounting package


How to credit an invoice

1. Navigate to the Business Tasks menu and select [Invoices]


2. Open the invoice that you want to credit

3. Under invoice actions select [Credit invoice]


4. Enter a credit note ID, and credit reason


5. The invoice is now marked as credited, and an entry has been automatically logged in the invoice history

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