How to add Attachments to the Email when sending Quotes and Invoices

Stacey Bray
Stacey Bray
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Sometimes when you send a quote or invoice to your customer, you would like to send an accompanying attachment with it. You can use the attachment feature to do this.

By default, the attachments are not added to the email. When the check box is selected, it will add all attachments that are on that quote or invoice.


How to add attachments to your email

  1. Open your quote or invoice
  2. Navigate to the attachment tab
  3. Uplaod and save your attachment
  4. Navigate back to the [Details] tab
  5. Select the [Finalise & Send]
  6. Select the [Add Attachments] checkbox
  7. Send email


How to remove attachments from your email

To remove individual attachments, select the cross on the attachment or de-select the check box to remove all attachments.

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