FireMate Release Notes 2023.3.3

Stacey Bray
Stacey Bray
  • Updated


  • Adds email validation to prevent users from entering invalid email addresses when sending quotes and invoices.
  • Adds mandatory subject and content to email templates and email send module to prevent users from sending emails with empty subjects and email body content


  • Removes the unique lock on asset numbers. Asset numbers do not need to be unique, you can now enter assets on a property with the same asset number
  • Improves the equipment and asset drop-down when creating a defect, it now only shows the equipment and assets for the selected product and not all equipment types
  • Rectifies an issue where some assets weren't showing on tasks. If the asset wasn't in the product category that was on the service request, they weren't showing, now all assets will show on all tasks
  • Rectifies an issue where 2 options in the defect actions were missing. 'Create New Quote For Defect' and 'Add Defect To Existing Quote' are now visible again
  • Rectifies an issue where invoice dates were not showing on the invoice PDF after being edited (after an invoice had been finalised and set back to draft to edit) 
  • Rectifies an issue where previewing an invoice after editing was not showing the changes on the PDF
  • Rectifies an issue where some employees were not showing in the employee drop-down in the scheduler

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