How to Plan a Route in the Scheduler

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Use the Route feature in the Scheduler Day View to plan out the days worth of work for your Employee. The Route feature will use the GPS coordinates on your Property along with the Employees address or Business Entity address as the starting point for each day. The default is the Employees address, if there is no address on the Employee, it will use the Business Entity address.

How to view the Route 

The Route feature is located in the Scheduler Day View.
Open the scheduler and select the appropriate filters for the items you wish to view.
To open the day view, click on the Day option or click on the date. 

Once you have the day view open, on the left you will see the activities assigned to that day and time. On the right, you will see the calculated route. The numbers reflect where the Property is located. Number 1 will always be the start of the route which is either the Employees address or the Business Entities address. Then the numbers following are shown in order by the time of the day, in the example below, number 2 is the 8am RA, number 3 is the 10am RA and number 4 is the 12pm RA.

To shuffle the numbers around, simply move the activity to a new time.

Each time you add a new activity to that day and time, the route will refresh and reflect that change.

Select more Employees to show their route. Use this view to gain more efficiency out of your Employees where you notice 2 Properties within close vicinity to each other, you can simply click on the activity and reassign it to the other Employee. Note - The colours on the map are the colour of the Employee. 

Where there are no GPS coordinates on a Property, the entire route cannot be calculated. You will have to enter the GPS coordinates on the Property to proceed.

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