How to edit a finalised Invoice

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Stacey Bray
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Sometimes after you have finalised an invoice you may need to edit the information on that invoice and send it back to your customer. Follow the steps below to set a finalised invoice back to draft status so that it can be edited and resent to your customer.

How to set a finalised invoice back to draft

1. Open the invoice

2. Select the [Invoice Actions] button

3. Select [Set Invoice to Draft]

4. Edit or add line items to the invoice as desired

5. When you have finished editing, finalise and send


An invoice can only be set from finalised status back to draft status if it is unpaid and not exported. If the invoice is paid or exported, you cannot set it back to draft status


Each time an invoice is finalised, a new copy of that invoice is saved as a PDF, the system will always show you and the portal users the latest/most recent invoice when viewing or sending the invoice.

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