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The Yearly Condition Report is used by businesses that need to present a report of 'condition' that has been signed off by certified employees for serviced properties. The report will provide information regarding the products tested and whether the property has any defects recorded. The report will show a list of system & equipment types on the property, a list of outstanding defects, critical defects, service requests and routine activities that have been completed in the selected report date range. There is also an option to include the asset detail summary.

Rules for data

  • Non-conformance and non-critical defects will list all defects at open, quoted, in progress and expired status.
  • Critical defects will show all regardless of status
  • Routine Activities and Service Requests it will show all completed in the report date range
  • Systems Maintained will show active products on the property
  • The Contractor Representative is set on the certifying employee screen in the business entity or on the property inspections page in the Product Certifier field. When set on the property, it will override the business entity Product Certifier


How to generate the report

  1. Select the [Reports] menu
  2. Select the [Report Library] option
  3. Select the [Yearly Condition] Report
  4. Select the [date range] required
  5. Select the [Customer]
  6. Make any other parameter selections that are applicable
  7. If you want to preview the report, select preview. Then you have the option to save the report and it will save on the customer or if you select a property it will save on the property and will be available in the attachment tab

Generating the report in separate PDF's for each property

If you wish to generate the report for the customer and save the report as a separate PDF for each property instead of 1 PDF for the customer with all properties on it, then select the check box [Generate separate PDF's per Property]. When this is selected, you will see a generate button. Select this button and the report will prepare itself, once completed it will send an email to the logged-in user with a link to a zip file so it can be sent to your Customer.

How to set a Product Certifier on a business entity

A Product Certfier can be set on the business entity products as a default, or set on the property level products which will override the business entity setting. Once an employee is set as the Product Certifier, it will show in the Contractor Representative section on the report

Follow the steps below to set the Product Certifier on the business entity

1. Navigate to the [Settings Cog]

2. Select [Business]

3. Select [Business Entites]

4. Select the Business Entity

5. Select the [Certifying Employee] tab

6. Select the check box on the product

7. Select [Actions]

8. Select [Assgin Product Certifier]

9. To remove the Product Certifier, select [Remove Product Certifier] 

How to set a Product Certifier on a property

If you have different Product Certifiers per property, you can set these on the property's products and it will override the business entity Product Certifier. 
1. Navigate to the property

2. Navigate to the [Inspections] tab

3. Click on a product to edit, or select [+Add Products To Inspect]

4. Select the [Product Certifier] drop down

5. [Save]

Select the cross to remove the Product Certifier

The Product certifier will show in the Inspection search screen

Where a Product Certifier has already been set at the Business Entity level, this can be identified by the label on the inspection. Simply select the edit button to override the Business Entity Product Certifier

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