FireMate Release Notes 2023.3.0

Stacey Bray
Stacey Bray
  • Updated


  • Adds the ability to deactivate data. Click here for more information
  • Adds active status to search filters
  • Adds the ability to mark an invoice as exported
  • Adds new options to the asset search filter 'next inspection between' and 'asset is connected to an open RA'. Use these new fields to filter when pressure tests are due on extinguishers on upcoming Routine Activities
  • Adds a history page to Customer, Contract, Property, Asset, Routine Activity and Service Request. Use this page to see any changes or updates made to this item.
  • Adds Route feature to the Scheduler Day view. Use this new feature to gain more efficiency out of your Technicians when planning their workload. Click here for more information
  • Adds Simple Markers to the Map view in the Scheduler. Switch between the Detailed Markers and Simple Markers when viewing the Map in the Scheduler to see different information as required.


  • Performance improvements in the scheduler
  • Improves breadcrumb selection, when selecting a Property in the Customer and Contract breadcrumbs, it will only show the Property that belongs to that Customer or Contract
  • Rectifies an issue in the Defects Ready to Process list where open Defects were showing when the Routine Activity was not at completed status. Now only open Defects on a completed Routine Activity will show.

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