FireMate Release Notes 2023.2.2

Stacey Bray
Stacey Bray
  • Updated


  • Rectifies an issue where the Accounts Ref field on the Customer was not being removed if deleted upon saving. Now when you delete the Accounts Ref, it will save correctly
  • Rectifies an issue where the incorrect employee name was showing on attachments when uploaded. The correct employee name will now show
  • Rectifies an issue where paid invoices were not showing correctly on the dashboard widget. Paid invoices will now show correctly on the widget
  • Rectifies an issue where entry notices were being sent when the schedule status was unplanned if the scheduled date was updated via the bulk actions. An SR or RA entry notice will now only send when the schedule status is changed to planned



  • Adds validation checks to Contacts when setting up or removing scheduled reports and adding or updating email addresses
  • Adds validation checks to the user defined field label on a Product

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