How to use Custom Report Widgets

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Our custom report tool allows you to define your report's title, information, data and filters, depending on your needs and the report's purpose. The real power of custom reports can be unlocked via the [Report Actions] tab. 

How to use Custom Report Widgets

Report widgets contain specific data from your entire system. You can customise the widget's chart type, content, size and position to create your own custom report.

Similar to customising your dashboard, report widgets contain specific data from your system and can be organised in a way that best communicates information to your company, team and customers.

Widgets List

When creating a custom report in the new FireMate, you can access the Report Widget Library by selecting [Report Actions] and then selecting [Customise Widgets].


The Widgets List will slide in from the right of the screen where you can scroll through the list or search for widgets, and add them to the report area on the left. 


Widget Charts

How you display your information is important, that's why we have given you the ability to select the chart type on the report widget. 

If the report widget contains a number of data counts, you will have the option to edit the chart type.

While customising your report's widgets, you can select the "Edit" button on the widget and select the chart type to display.


Custom Text Widgets

Unlike dashboards, reports often need written feedback or recommendation to the recipient of the report. We have created a report widget to do just that.

1. In your Report Widget Library, search for "Text Holder" and add this widget to your report.


2. When the widget has been added to the report area, select "Edit" on the widget.


3. Here you can give this written section of the report a title. for example: "Report Introduction", "Report Summary", and "Recommendations".

4. Once you have finished customising the report widget, be sure to select the "Finish" button so your changes are saved.

5. When you or someone in your company goes to generate and download this report, they will see this section and have the ability to write a custom message.



How to add a Custom Report to the Scheduled Reports options

Once you have created your custom report, you can set it up to add to your scheduled reports options on your Contact.

1. Select [Report Actions]

2. Select [Publish as a Company Report]

Once this is published, it will show in the dropdown on your Contact when setting up scheduled reporting

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