How to Consolidate Invoices

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You can consolidate multiple invoices or line items from other invoices all into one invoice. Once you have consolidated all the line items onto one invoice, this leaves an empty draft invoice, which can be deleted manually or automatically.

To avoid leaving behind empty draft invoices, this article will show you how to set these to auto-delete once the items on the invoice have been consolidated.

You can only consolidate draft invoices. These invoices must all be under the same Customer.

Consolidating Invoices

Open a draft invoice, if there are other draft invoices for this Customer, you will see a blue banner on the invoice that says "There are items that can be added to this invoice! Add them now?" select [Add Items] to view and add.

The invoices are grouped by Property where these can be identified. Custom invoices with no specified Property or Contract Invoices will show the Property as "Unkown".

You may add as many line items from other draft invoices for this Customer as you wish, and make sure to select the checkbox if you wish to delete empty draft invoices after consolidating these line items.


How to identify which invoices need to be consolidated

You may only want to consolidate some customers' invoices and not others. To easily identify which invoices to consolidate for which customer, set up the 'Consolidated Invoicing' option in the Invoice Settings on the Customer. When this is selected, you will see a YES identifier in the 'Requires Consolidation' column in the Service Request and Invoice search.

How to set up automatic deletion of empty draft invoices

To set up automatic deletion of empty draft invoices, simply head to the [Settings] cog, [Systems & Products] and then select [System Settings].


Once in [System Settings], scroll down to the bottom of the page and make sure that "Delete empty draft invoices when consolidating line items" is selected.


Now when consolidating invoices you will notice the same checkbox is selected when line items are being added to the invoice. This will automatically delete the empty draft invoices once the line items have been consolidated.


Simply deselect the check box when consolidating if you do not want the empty draft invoice to be deleted

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