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The Attachments tab in FIreMate is used for storing external documents or saved reports on the item.

Where is the Attachment tab located? 

You can find an attachment tab on the following items

  • Customer
  • Contract
  • Property
  • Routine Activity
  • Job
  • Service Request
  • Employee
  • Quote
  • Invoice
  • Purchase Order

How are Attachments saved?

Attachments can be saved in 2 ways

  1. The user will select an attachment to upload into the system from their computer and attach it to the item
  2. When a Report, Invoice, Quote or Purchase Order is saved and sent, it will automatically attach to the respective item

When the user uploads the attachment, it will stamp the date and user name on the item. 

When the attachment is saved automatically it will stamp the date on the item


How do I upload an Attachment?

Follow the steps below to upload an attachment

  1. Navigate to the 'Attachments' tab on your desired page (Properties, Jobs, Routine Activities etc.)
  2. Select [Add Attachment]
  3. Select what type of document you are uploading, add a description and whether or not to publish this document, and then select [Save]



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