FireMate Release Notes 2023.2.0

Permanently deleted user
Permanently deleted user
  • Updated


  • A new system setting has been added, allowing you to automatically delete an empty draft invoice when you consolidate invoices instead of having to manually delete them. Also when combining line items into a single invoice you will have the option to delete the empty draft invoice(s). Click here for more information
  • The 'On RA Completion' option for scheduled reporting is now available to configure on a Contact. Use this feature to automatically send a report to your Contact on the completion of a Routine Activity. Click here for more information
  • Improves page breaks on the Invoice and Quote templates
  • Improves Contact email validation checks. When trying to remove an email address from a Contact, the user will be warned if they have scheduled reporting set up for that Contact
  • You'll love our new look Asset Register Report which has been updated to our new design


  • Adds 'Edit Template Details' button to the Email Template Details screen. You can now edit your email templates.
  • Adds 'Partially Received' status to the Purchase Order screen and searches. When a Purchase Order is partially received, it will be reflected in the received status as 'Partially received'
  • Adds action items to the line items on the Purchase Order screen. You can now select the pencil to edit the line item and select the trash can to delete the line item
  • Adds an Interface for the user to add and manage package set-up and prices. Click here for more information


  • Rectifies an issue where deleted Invoices were incorrectly showing in the 'Add Items' section on a draft invoice, they are no longer showing in the list
  • Rectifies an issue where an invoiced SR was not staying at 'Invoiced' status, the SR now remains at invoiced status
  • Rectifies an issue where the user could not delete a User Defined Field on a Product, the user can now delete these fields if required
  • Rectifies an issue where the S&E's were not loading in the drop-down on an Asset Resister Report when generated from the Property level, these are now loading as expected
  • Rectifies an issue where Quotes at 'Approval Not Required' and 'Rejected' statuses were showing in the Expired Quote widget on the Quote Summary page, these will no longer show
  • Rectifies an issue where Quote descriptions and materials were not mandatory on occasion. These are now showing correctly as mandatory fields

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