How to Create a Purchase Order

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Use the Purchase Order module to create a document to send to your supplier to authorize a purchase. 


1. To create a Purchase Order you must first set up a Supplier. Head to [Business Tasks] > [Purchasing] > [Suppliers].



2. Next, select [Create New Supplier].



3. Once you have filled in your Supplier details, select [Save Supplier Details].



4. Now that your Supplier is set up, navigate to [Business Tasks] > [Purchasing] > [Purchase Orders]. Alternatively, select the following menu [Create] > [Puchase Order]




5. Once on the Purchase Orders screen, select [Add New Order].



6. Select your Business Entity if applicable, Supplier and Purchase Order Type and select [Create].

You have 2 options with the Purchase Order Type to select from 

  1. Inventory Items - This option allows you to add Inventory Items from your Inventory list to the Purchase Order line item for example, 10 x 4.5kg AB(E) Extinguishers for the warehouse or for a particular job
  2. Free Format Items - This option allows you to add free text to the Purchase Order line items where you don't want to select an inventory item for example, coffee and paper for the office



7. Now you need to add line items to your Purchase Order. Select [+Add Line Items To Purchase Order]


8. Fill in all mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk and all other applicable details, when you have finished select [Add]. You will notice on the Inventory Item Type, you have the option to choose an Inventory Item, and on the Free Format Item you only have a Description field



9. You can add as many line items to a Purchase order as you like, once you have finished creating the Purchase Order, you can change the Template, Preview the Order, add more Line Items, add Attachments, Internal Notes and Finalise & Send it to your Supplier. 

10. Once you receive the items, you can mark them Purchase Order as Received




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