FireMate Release Notes 2023.1.0

Stacey Bray
Stacey Bray
  • Updated


  • Enhances Job Costing - Manage your profit and loss by using the Job Costing tab on a Job to see the Job Costs vs Job Revenue, the Job Estimates vs the Job Actuals, the Profit by SR and Profit Margin Percentage by SR.



  • Enhances Purchase Orders - Use the Purchase Order module to create a Purchase Order document to send to your supplier to authorize a purchase


  • Adds the ability to upload a signature on an Employee. Use this new feature to store your Employee's digital signatures so that they can show on reports and certificates where applicable
  • Adds Installation Standards to the settings menu. Create your own Installation Standards in the settings menu. These Installation Standards will show on compliance certificates where applicable, you can set this as the default on the Property on the Product Inspection Period screen.
  • Adds the ability to manually enter an email recipient when sending Quotes and Invoices. You can now send an email to a recipient if they are not a Contact on a Customer, Contract or Property
  • Adds an S&E filter when creating a new Equipment Type. Find your Products faster when creating a new Equipment Type with the new S&E filter
  • Adds the S&E headings to the Equipment, Installation Standards, Maintenance Standards, and Inspection Prompts screens. Easily identify the S&E groups on each page with this new sorting option
  • Enhances invoice description for Per Period and Per Asset Invoices. It will now show the Product name instead of the System & Equipment name
  • Enhances the counts on the Routine Activity screen for all items in the navigation pane. Quickly identify how many items are in each section on a Routine Activity by viewing the numbers next to the headings, for example, attachments, photos and defects 
  • Multiple enhancements when adding inventory items to a Service Request. Now you can easily see the cost, sell and contract price of an inventory item when adding inventory to a Service Request. You can easily add a misc material item or inventory item from the same screen by clicking on the "Add Equipment' button
  • Prevents trailing spaces in account codes. This enhancement will stop users from accidentally adding a space to their account codes which would cause the invoice export to error 



  • Rectifies an issue where the deactivate button was not working on the Product Inspection Periods screen. You can now deactivate a Product on a Property
  • Rectifies an issue where the edit option on a Contact was not working on the Contract. You can now edit Contacts on a Contract
  • Rectifies an issue where the saved search name was not showing on the filter when selected. Now you can easily identify the saved search you have filtered for


Changes to the existing software

Please be aware that we are making improvements to the automatic scheduling for the Statement of Works report and have removed this option on the Contact schedule set up screen whilst we update it. We will let you know when it is available to use again. In the meantime to send a Statement of Works, you can open the report from the Reports menu and save it to your computer and email it to your Customer from your email service.

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