How to create custom Products, Equipment, Standards and Inspection Prompts

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Do you want a specific Product, Equipment Type, or Inspection Prompt not currently in FireMate? Here's how to create your own.

Understanding these customisations in FireMate

Customise FireMate to better define the category of an asset, as well as change the assets reporting category, maintenance standard, testing frequency, prompts and more.

Examples of custom products may be:

  • Eye Wash Stations
  • First Aid Kits
  • Testing and Tagging

FireMate-provided Product and Inspection Periods cannot be altered however you can create your own to suit your specific business! 

Custom Products can be added to existing System & Equipment Type groups where applicable e.g. kitchen suppression under Special Hazard Systems, or simply added under the System & Equipment Type of "Custom Product inspections". 

Once you have created your Custom Products, you will be able to add asset registers for them and maintain them just like any other Product in FireMate.

The Order of the Customisation Process

To achieve this level of customisation, there is a 4-step process to complete in order.

  • Create a custom Product
  • Create a custom Equipment
  • Create a custom Maintenance Standard (this tells FireMate when to generate a Routine Activity for the inspection)
  • Create custom Inspection Prompts

Issues may be experienced where all 4 steps have not been completed in the correct order.

Create a new Product


  1. From your FireMate Settings Menu, select [System & Products]
  2. From the dropdown, Select [Product Type]
  3. Select [Create New Product]
  4. Enter the "Name" and "Description" of the Product & (Optional) add any User-Defined Field Labels
  5. Select your new Products' System & Equipment Type
  6. Once you are happy select [Save Product Details]


While there is a System & Equipment Type called "Custom Product Inspections", FireMate allows the ability to create a new Product under any System & Equipment Type.

Create a new Equipment Type

Create custom Equipment Types that link to the custom Product in order to create an asset register against the Property. This asset register will show on the FireMate mobile application, and for field staff to PASS or FAIL the asset when completing Routine Activities. 


  1. From your FireMate Settings Menu, select [System & Products]
  2. From the dropdown, select [Equipment Types], this will take you to your master equipment list
  3. Select [Create New Equipment Type]
  4. Enter the "Name" and select the "Product"
  5. Enter the "Description" of the Equipment Type. i.e. First Aid Kit Large, First Aid Kit Small
  6. Once you are happy select [Create]


Create a new Maintenance Standard

The Maintenance Standard allows for custom next inspection dates (which generates the Routine Activity for a Property), Prompts (which field staff pass assets against) and more.  


  1. From your FireMate Settings Menu, select [System & Products]
  2. From the dropdown, select [Maintenance Standards]
  3. Select [Add New Standard]
  4. From the dropdown, select the Product required 
    a. If there isn't a Maintenance Standard for the Custom product, one will still need to be created. We recommend using the same name as the Product in these instances.
  5. Enter the "Name", "Short Description" and "Description"
  6. Choose the periods that you wish to inspect this Product
  7. Select the "Standards Group" this will be allocated to
  8. When you are happy, select [Create]


Create custom Inspection Prompts

Custom Inspection Prompts enable the field staff member to pass or fail an asset against a specific prompt from the FireMate mobile application.


  1. From your FireMate Settings Menu, select [System & Products]
  2. From the dropdown, select [Inspection Prompts]
  3. Select [Create New Prompt]
  4. From the dropdown, select the Product
  5. From the dropdown, select the Maintenance Standard
  6. Enter the "Sequence", "Item No." and "Item" name
  7. Enter the "Prompt (Action) Description
    i.e. Check if there is enough stock in the kit.
  8. Enter the "Long Description" of what needs to be checked
    i.e. Check if there is enough stock in the kit - Saline, Bandages, Sterile medical wipes.
  9. Select the "Period"
    a. Ensure the Periods match the correct Periods entered in the set-up of the related Maintenance Standard.
  10. (Optional) Where values are required, select the "Value(s) Required tick box.
    i.e. how many assets are in stock.
    1. Enter the Prefix, Suffix and Sequence of each item a value is required for. This will display on reports.
  11. When you are happy, select [Create]



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