How to set Reply To Email Address and Display Name for Quote & Invoice Emails

Stacey Bray
Stacey Bray
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When sending Quotes and Invoices to your Customer from FireMate, you need to ensure that when your Customer replies to that email, it returns to the correct email address in your business so that you can action it accordingly. These fields are automatically populated with your Business Entity Name and Email Address when your Business Entity is created, however, you may want to change this to a different email address or display name to reflect a certain section in your business, for example, email address of From Quoting Team at Business Entity Name


  1. Select [Settings Cog]
  2. Select [Business] [Business Entity]
  3. Select the [Quote Settings] or [Invioce Settings] tab
  4. Enter your reply to email address
  5. Enter the email display name
  6. [Save Settings]



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