FireMate Release Notes 2022.4.0

Stacey Bray
Stacey Bray
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The Customer Portal is now available

We’re excited to release our new Customer Portal. The portal enables you to demonstrate the value of your services easily, whilst saving time for both you and your clients by taking advantage of features like:

  • Instant Quote approval
  • The ability to view Defects, Invoices, Reports, Routine Activities and Service Requests

Click here for more information

New settings available for customisation

We have added the following screens to the settings function, which provides you with greater flexibility and customisation for recording your data. These new screens enable you to view and create your own:

  • Equipment
  • Regions & Zones
  • Inspection Prompts
  • Maintenance Standards

New & Enhanced Reports

Your Customers will love our new reports. This includes new compliance reports and enhancements we have made to our existing ones too!

  • Routine Activity Test Schedule Report
    Produce a report to send to your Customer covering the 12-month testing schedule for their Property. This report details the testing completed in the last 6 months, plus tests due in the next 6 months, across both the minor & major testing schedules. Use this report to give your Customers transparency over their annual test schedule and to help them plan for upcoming major tests, resulting in faster approval for you!



  • Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (for the state of Victoria, Australia)
    Provide the AESM compliance report to your Customers directly from FireMate



  • Routine Activity Summary Report V2 and V3
    We have made some design changes to the report to make it more visually pleasing and easier to understand for your customers. We have also added a summary section to V3!



  • Entry Notice Templates
    We have added Entry Notice Templates for South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland


  • Compliance Report
    We have enhanced the Compliance Report by adding an 'Actions Performed During Last Inspection' section. This section will show any defects that were raised and rectified during the last inspection, giving your customers a better and clearer understanding of the actions performed at their property



Publishing Reports and Photos

To support the release of the Customer Portal, we have developed the “publish” feature, which is not only a breeze to use but ensures your Customers only see what you want them to see. Included in the “publish” feature:

  • Reports – now when you generate a report, you can just Save it to your database OR Save & Publish the report to the portal. You can also choose to publish the report later. Click here for more information
  • Photos – as with reports, you can pick and choose which photos you would like to Publish to the customer portal. Click here for more information


Enjoy the many other enhancements we have provided in this update for you

  • Adds Export button on Invoices search screen – The export button on the Invoices search screen is used when you want to push your invoices from FireMate to Xero or MYOB
  • Adds the ability to open generated invoices in a new tab, by adding the “Open New Tab” function on the Invoice Generator screen for easy access if you want to look at your newly created invoice
  • Adds Tags to Dashboard Filters - We have increased your ability to filter your dashboard information by including the “Tags” to the filters list. Anywhere you have used a tag on your customers, properties etc, you will now be able to filter your dashboards using that tag
  • Adds Mobile Device System Settings
  • Relocation of the Product menu - You will notice we have moved the Product menu from the Records menu, it is now located in the Settings cog>>System & Products
  • Adds new Invoice widget - See your invoice statistics at a glance with the new invoice widget on the home screen and Customer, Contract and Property dashboards



  • Improves Country settings
  • Rectifies an issue where the Product and Prompt selections were hiding on the creation of a Common Response

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