Setting up the FireMate & PropertyMe connection through the Portal

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To allow FireMate to communicate with PropertyMe, the PropertyMe user must first log into the FireMate Online Portal and establish the connection.

This will require the user to have the correct PropertyMe permissions to allow them to log into PropertyMe and authorise the two systems to connect to one another.

The PropertyMe User must be set as an 'Admin' to carry out the steps below.

Setting up the FireMate/PropertyMe Connection

1. In your browser, go to the Portal address provided by your FireMate user. It should be similar to https//

2. Login with your FireMate Portal username and password.

3. Navigate to the Integrations screen found under the ‘Tasks’ menu


4. Click on [Settings] for the PropertyMe integration


5. Click on [Connect to PropertyMe]


6. Sign in to the PropertyMe system using your PropertyMe email and password.



7. You will be presented with a screen similar to below. Click [Yes, Allow]


8. You should then see the following message that indicates the two systems have been connected and the set-up is complete. You can then let your FireMate user know that these steps have been carried out and go back to enjoying your day!


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