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A Business Entity is a legal business/company/organisation and usually represents your company or business.

In FireMate, you can have one Business Entity or many Business Entities, each with a unique legal trading name, business/licence number, branches, account codes, rates and branding.

You can opt to use one of your available Business Entities when creating invoices, quotes, and reports for your customers.

You can choose to send your customers a quote or invoice from one Business Entity while attributing the revenue for that quote or invoice to another Business Entity. This ensures accurate reporting between FireMate and your accounting software.

Setting up your Business Entity Details

You will find your Business Entity under the [Settings] cog > [Business] > [Business Entities].


Select the Business Entity you wish to edit.


Select [Edit Business Entity Details] to edit the details of the Business Entity. Once you finished making your changes select the [Save Business Entity Details] button to save your changes.


Setting up your Business Entity Logo and Brand Colour

To set the Logo for your Quotes, Invoices and Reports, select the [Logo] field to upload your company logo.



To set the colour that you would like to appear on your reports, select the colour field and choose the colour that best represents your company brand.




Setting Rates & Costs to a Business Entity

Rates are used to default the amount of money you'd like to charge your Customer on Quotes and Invoices. The Costs are the amount of money you'll incur when Service Requests and Routine Activities are carried out by your staff.

Rates & Costs can be defined for each of your System & Equipment Types.

  1. To set the rates and costs for your Business Entity, select the [Rates & Costs] tab
  2. Set the labour rates and costs associated with this Business Entity by clicking into the cells within the table and typing the value

  3. Select [Save] once you are done setting your rates & costs



Setting Account Codes

For FireMate to accurately report on revenue to your accounting system, the account codes entered for the Business Entity must match those defined in your accounting software. 

Account Codes can be set per System & Equipment Type, and also split between Routine Activities and Service Requests.

  1. To set the account codes for each System & Equipment Types, select the [Account Codes] tab
  2. Set the Account Codes by clicking into the cells within the table and typing the value
  3. Select [Save] once you are done setting your rates & costs




Setting up Multiple Business Entities 

Your system requires at least one Business Entity. This Business Entity represents your trading business. You can create multiple Business Entities where you answer 'Yes' to the following points:

  1. We would like to quote, invoice and/or communicate with customers from one trading business and allocate the revenue of the work carried out by another of our trading businesses
  2. We operate two or more trading businesses that have different business details, rates and account codes.
  3. We operate two or more businesses that work together to service our customers.

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