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Stacey Bray
Stacey Bray
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We are delighted to announce that through our partnership with Standards Australia, we have made available a number of Australian Standards™ for you to view through FireMate.

The list of Standards we have published can be found under our Compliance menu at the top of the screen for your office staff, or through our Standards menu on the home screen in the mobile application for your field staff.


See below a list of the available Standards

AS 1851-2012 Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment
AS 5062:2016 Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment
AS/NZS 2293.2:2019 Emergency lighting and exit signs for buildings
AS 1851.1-1995 Portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets
AS 1851.2-1995 Fire hose reels
AS 1851.3-1997 Automatic fire sprinkler systems
AS 1851.4-1992 Fire hydrant installations
AS 1851.5-1981 Automatic smoke/heat venting systems
AS 1851.6-1997 Management procedures for maintaining the fire and smoke control features of air-handling systems
AS 1851.7-1984 Fire–resistant doorsets
AS 1851.8-1987 Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
AS 1851.9-1997 Delivery lay flat fire hose
AS 1851.10-1989 Emergency warning and intercommunication systems
AS 1851.12-1995 Gaseous fire extinguishing systems
AS 1851.14-1996 Pumpset systems
AS 1851.15-1997 Local fire alarm systems
AS 1851-2005 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment
AS 5062-2006 Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment
AS/NZS 1851.13-1995 Wheeled fire extinguishers
AS/NZS 2293.2-1995 Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings


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