How to set up Per Period Invoicing

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Per Period invoicing allows a Customer to be billed a fixed rate per Period, for example, $50.00 for a monthly, $100.00 for a 6 monthly, and $1,000.00 for an annual.

This is usually used for fixed systems such as panels or sprinklers, however, it can be used for any Product.

Once the period price has been set up on each product and the Routine Activity has been completed, the system will automatically create an invoice for the RA with a line item per product group, the period, and a unit price that was set up on the product.



  1. From the Property, select [Inspections & Assets] from the left menu.
  2. Select [Inspection].


If you have already set up your Inspections on your Property?

  1. Select the S&E Type you wish to update.
  2. The inspection details will pop up, scroll to "Invoice and Pricing".
  3. Change the "Invoicing Type" to Per Period.
  4. Input your charge price into "Invoice and Pricing".
  5. Select [Save].


Creating a new Inspection with per period invoicing

  1. Select [+ Add Product To Inspect]
  2. Select the S & E Type and Product.
  3. Scroll to "Invoice and Pricing" and select Per Period.

  4. Input your charge price into "Invoice and Pricing"

    Period prices can change depending on the test, for example, monthly is $10.00, and 6 monthly is $30.00, these can be entered individually. If the test price is the same no matter the period, just enter the same amount in each section.

  5. If you would like to add another product after saving, tick [Add another Product after saving] at the bottom of the form.
  6. Select [Save] 


The invoicing type is represented in the inspection table.


How will this look once invoiced?

Once the Routine Activity has been completed, the invoice will be sitting in your drafts for you to send.  The system will figure out which inspection you have completed and it will charge accordingly. 

  1. From your FireMate Navigation menu, select [Business Tasks], then select [Invoices] 
  2. Select [Draft Invoices] from the left menu

As an example, we have a yearly service completed at $1,000.00.

The month after the monthly service is completed at $50.00.


Note - If you have fees set up on your Business Entity or Contract, these fees are not automatically added to your Per Period Invoice.

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