How to Generate a Contract Invoice

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Contract invoicing allows a Customer to be billed a yearly amount over the course of the year on regular intervals such as monthly or quarterly.  Once the Contract has been set up for Contract Invoicing, it can be generated and sent to your Customer.

Accessing the Invoice Generator 

  1. From your FireMate Navigation menu, select [Business Tasks], then select [Invoices] 
  2. Select [Generate] from the left menu



Generating Invoices

The date will always be set to the current month, if you would like to generate an invoice in advance you can select a date from the dropdown. 

You can select to filter by Business Entity or Branch if applicable. 

  1. Select [Preview] to load your invoice list.  This list comprises all invoices that are due this month based on the information entered at the contract level.

    It's always a good idea to check the list to ensure they have been set up correctly. Should you notice any discrepancies these can be looked at/amended on the contract level, before generating them.

  2. When you are ready, you can select all de-select the specific invoices you wish to generate.
  3. Select [Generate]
  4. A popup will appear to confirm how many invoices you are generating and you can confirm if correct. 

Once you have generated your invoice(s) from this list, they will disappear and reappear when due again.  
At the end of the month, this list should be empty as all the invoices due for that month have been generated. 


Finalise & Send to a Customer Individually 

  1. The generation table will now show an invoice number associated with that invoice, this means that the invoice(s) have been generated.
  2. From here you can click on the invoice to view it.
  3. Select [Finalise & Send] to issue to a customer.
  4. A popup will then appear with a view of the contacts this will be issued to and the email content. You can edit this information if required.
  5. Select [Finalise & Send Now] or [Finalise & Send Later]


Finalise & Send to a Customer in Bulk 

  1. The generation table will now show an invoice number associated with the invoice(s), this means that they have been generated.
  2. Select [Draft Invoices] from the left menu
  3. From here you can select all or select specific invoices you wish to send. 
  4. Select [Invoice Actions] 
  5. Select [Finalise & Send] 

    Please note that contacts must be set to receive invoices and attached to your customer or contract to receive invoices for this to work.

  6. A popup will appear to confirm how many invoices you are sending and you can confirm if correct.
  7. A results popup will appear to show you which invoices were sent successfully and which had an error. 


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