FireMate Release Notes 2022.3.0

Nicky Watson
Nicky Watson
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This new release enhances existing capabilities and introduces several new features. It offers advanced control over maintenance and repair jobs for your properties. Check out what’s new:

Anniversary Date

You now have more control over tolerances that are outlined in the Australian AS1851 Maintenance Standard. Be sure to set an Anniversary Date for your inspections! This will help you to stay on top of the maintenance of your sites and complete the work on time. More information here.

Schedule Status

You can now set a Routine Activity and Service Request as ‘Planned’ or ‘Unplanned’. Use this new feature to let your team know that the job is booked in and that it shouldn't be moved to another date or time. More information here.


The Scheduler has had a makeover! You will notice the layout has changed, and the improvements here allow you to navigate your way around the screen in a more efficient manner. We have even added in some new bulk actions and sorting options too!

View more information here about Scheduler Views

View more information here about Scheduler Filtering



Entry Notices

Need to send an Entry Notice to your Customer to gain access to their property? Then you'll love this new feature! Set up a Contact to receive an Entry Notice and set them to be sent automatically - or you can send them manually whenever you like. More information here.

Key Pickup Requests

Gain access to your properties easier! Now you can add a key number to a property and set a particular contact (like the Real Estate or tenant) to receive a Key Request email. More information here.

Leases & Tenants

When is a residential lease up for renewal, and who is the tenant? You can now enter the lease start and end date into FireMate and also attach the tenant that belongs to that lease. This will help your team to know who to contact for access to the property and when to follow up with the Real Estate to keep the agreement going with this property. More information here.

Package Contracts

You can now bill your customers at a fixed price for your inspection work by setting up your contracts with a ‘package’. These package details will be included in the Invoice along with the contract start and end date. By assigning an account code to your package, you can easily track the revenue through to your accounts system as well! More information here.

Compliance Report

Let your customers know if their property is compliant or not with our new Compliance Report. This report shows a summary of the products maintained on the property, a list of assets maintained, and any outstanding defects. Your customer will know at a quick glance if their property is compliant or not. More information here.





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