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Chantelle Watson
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Every asset you create will have standard fields for you to populate, and each product type will have more fields for you to record more information. 

Included in your database are regular field labels for certain products, these are required by the Standards, for example, Pressure Test Dates on Extinguishers or Manufacture Dates on Hose Reels.

These fields will assist the Field Staff Member's identifying this information on each asset easily, it will also assist the office users when quoting defects. 

You may wish to include more information than we have provided in our standard fields, this is not a problem as you have an additional 6 labels on every product.  For example, you may wish to record the brand of Extinguisher or the replacement date on an Emergency Light for warranty purposes. 


Accessing Field Labels

  1. From your Settings Menu, select [System & Products]
  2. From the dropdown, Select [Product Type]



Creating Field Labels

  1. Select the System and Equipment you wish to add the label to. 
  2. Select [Edit] located under the [User Defined Field] 
  3. Enter the field name, for example, "Replacement Date" for warranty purposes.
  4. Enter the type of information to record, for example, "Date" as this will be a replacement date.
  5. Select the save icon.
  6. Select [Save Product Details]


This field will now appear within your asset on your property, for example the Replacement Date is showing under Emergency Lighting. 


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