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The Property Compliance Report is used by businesses who need to present a report of 'Compliance' for serviced Properties. The report will provide information on the most recent completed Routine Activities regarding the Products tested and whether the Property is deemed 'Compliant'. The report will show a list of Assets tested with photos if applicable and a list of outstanding defects and recommendations.


A Compliant Property

A Property is deemed compliant if there are no outstanding defects on the assets, and the Field Staff Member was able to complete the test on all assets.

A Non-Compliant Property

A Property is deemed non-compliant if there are outstanding defects on the Property, if the last RA was marked as Can't Complete, or if any of the Assets on the RA were marked as Not Tested.


Smoke Alarms have been installed to the 2022 Legislation - Australian Standard 3786-2014

For our users in Queensland, Australia, you can now easily show your Customer if the Smoke Alarms have been installed to the 2022 Legislation - Australian Standard 3786-2014. The Field Staff Member or office staff can set a Property as 'Compliant' or 'Not Compliant', which will be reflected on the report.






Defect Action Text

Defect Status Action Text
Open Defect recorded and awaiting action from your service provider
Quoted Quote has been raised and sent for approval
In Progress Job has been raised and logged to technician for rectification

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