How to Set Up Entry Notices

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An Entry Notice is a type of report which can be issued to Tenants, Landlords or Property Managers to notify them of the scheduled work that needs to be carried out on their property prior to the Field Staff Members arriving on site. FireMate provides the QLD Residential Tenancies Authority 'Entry Notice (Form 9)', South Australia and Western Australia entry notice forms as a standard inclusion in our software. Entry Notices can be manually sent by the User or automatically scheduled based on the Schedule Status of the Routine Activity or Service Request.

Setting up the Entry Notice Email Template

The text of the email content that is used to send the report to the recipient can be set up in the Email Templates, this is located in [Settings] > [Business] > [Custom Templates]. Contacts can be set as to whether they are to receive Entry Notices as well.


Setting up Automatic Emailing of Entry Notices

If you'd like to automatically send Entry Notices a number of days prior to the scheduled work, then you will need to ensure the following:

  1. You have enabled the system setting for automatically sending Entry Notices.
  2. You have set the number of days you'd like the Entry Notice to be sent prior to the work being carried out. By default, the system is set to 7 days, however, some States in Australia require this to be different and is therefore set against the State. You can elect to override the System and State based setting at the Customer level too.

To turn on the automatic emailing of Entry Notices a number of days prior to the Scheduled Date of the RA or SR, you will need to turn on the [Enable Automatic Sending of Entry Notices] setting within the System Settings.



To set the number of days you'd like the Entry Notice email to be sent prior to the work being carried out on the Customer, select the [Notice Settings] tab on the [Customer] screen and set the number of days prior value on the Entry Notice setting field.


Setting up Contacts

For a Contact to receive an Entry Notice email and report, they must have the [Receive Entry Notices]  setting switched on within in the Contact assignment on the Property.


Generating an Entry Notice Report

You can generate an Entry Notice report from the Report Library or from the RA or SR screens via the [Actions] menu.




Sending an Entry Notice Manually

You can elect to send Entry Notices for a number of RAs or SRs at once, by using the Bulk Action found within the RA/SR Search results screen or from within the Scheduler.



Sending Entry Notices Automatically

Entry Notices will be automatically emailed to Contacts set with 'Receive Entry Notice' when an RA or SR has its Schedule Status set to 'Planned'.

The system will generate and send the report a number of days prior to the Scheduled Date of the RA/SR and is based on either the state-based configured number of days setting, or on the Customer days prior setting for a specific Customer. If you would like state-based settings set, please contact our support team to action this for you.


Entry Notices will be automatically generated and emailed if the system setting is switched on to enable this functionality.

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