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Some functionality within FireMate can be controlled through System Settings. This allows you to configure the system in a way which best suits your business.

The System Settings screen will only be accessible to System Administrators and when changed, the setting will be applied across your system.

Changing Settings

The System Settings can be found in the [System Settings] screen which can be found under the [System & Products] menu under the [Setup] icon in the top right of the screen.



The System Settings screen will then present settings which you can change by selecting [Edit Settings] 


You can then change the applicable Settings and select [Save Settings] to save your changes.


System Settings Options

The following Settings can be set within your system.

Config ID Setting Description
1018 Enable Property Compliance Turns on the Property Compliance field on the Property screen and mobile app which is then used by the Property Compliance Report
1019 Enable Auto Entry Notices Turns the automatic emailing of Entry Notice reports when an RA/SR Schedule Status is set to 'Planned'
1020 Enable Auto Key Requests Turns the automatic emailing of Key Request emails when an RA/SR Schedule Status is set to 'Planned'


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