How to view Properties on a Map

Damien Turnbull
Damien Turnbull
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If you are geo-tagging the Properties you are servicing, then you have the capability of viewing Assets overlaid on a map. 

You can see the geotag for a Property via the Property Details section on the Property screen.

How to view Properties on a Map

1. Open the [Property & Asset Map] screen from the [Records] menu


2. Select the [Properties] option and any other Filters to view the Properties you are interested in viewing

3. Select [Show Locations] once you have set the Filters and the Properties will appear on the map on the right.

4. Each pin on the map will display the Property name of where the Asset is located. Each pin will also display Green if there are no Outstanding Defects, Orange if it has Non Critical Defects and Red if has a Critical Defect.

5. You can select a pin to view additional information relating to that Property.

6. You can navigate to a Defect by selecting the Defect ID under the [Defects] tab


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