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Jobs are used to group specific Service Requests together and are often generated directly via a Quote. 

A Job is deemed 'Completed' once all Service Requests have a status set to 'Complete'.

What are the Statuses on a Job?

Each Job is defined by a Status. These are:

New This is the initial Status of the Job when created
In Progress Service Request(s) underway but incomplete
Closed All Service Requests have been completed, invoiced, and exported.
Completed All Service Requests have been completed.
Suspended Inherited status, not reached automatically.  

Creating a New Job

1. You can create a new Job either via the 'Create' menu, the 'Add New Job' option in the Job search screen, or more commonly via the Quote.


2. When prompted, you will need to set some initial information on the Job being created then select 'Complete'.

3. At this point you will be taken to the Job screen where you can add additional information relating to the Job.

Changing the Details of a Job

1. From within the Job screen, you can edit the details of the Job by selecting 'Details' option from the menu and then selecting 'Edit Job Details'.

2. When you're finished changing the details of the Job, select 'Save Job Details' to save your changes.

Adding a Service Request to a Job

1. You can add a Service Request to a Job from within the Job screen by selecting 'Service Requests' from the menu, then select 'Add Service Request'.

2. At this point you will be taken to the Service Request screen where you can complete entering the Service Request details

3. Select 'Save Service Request' to complete adding the Service Request to the Job. 

4. You can navigate back to the Job using the Job Number link or via the Job navigation breadcrump at the top of the screen

Adding Notes to a Job

Notes can be added to a Job which is used to communicate to Users when viewing information relating to the Job.

A note can be defined as either Passive, Coordinator or Technician Note


A Passive note is simply stored for informational purposes.

An example of a passive note is a phone conversation the user had with the Contact.


When a Coordinator note is added to the Contract, all associated RA's, SR's, Jobs and Quotes will display the note to all Users.

An example of a Coordinator note is "all invoices require a Purchase Order Number " or "Please send all Quotes to Fred Flinstone".

A Coordinator Note works via a hierarchy. When a note is added to a Property level, it will appear for this Property only. 

Technician Note

When a Technician Note is added to the Contract, the note will display on the mobile device for the technician to see when they open an RA, SR or the Property details.

An example of a Technician note is "Please see manager on arrival". 

A Technician Note works via a hierarchy. When a note is added to a Property, it will appear for this Property only

1. To add a new Note to a Job select the 'Notes' option on the menu. Then select 'Add Note'

2. Select the Type that the Note is, then enter the Note Details and if the Note is not defined with a Type of 'Passive' set the Start and Expiry dates. The Start and Expiry dates are used to control what period the Note will display for.

Tip: If you leave the Expiry Date empty the note will always display

3. To save your Note select 'Save'.

Adding Attachments to a Job

Files can be attached against a Job for later reference. These can be of any type and size.

1. To attach a file to the Job, select 'Attachments' from the menu and select 'Add Attachment'

2. Set the 'Type' of file you are uploading. The Type can be one of the following:

General Document Used for categorising any file which does not fall into one of the categories below
Contract Document Used to categorise a file relating to a Contract
External Attachment Used to categorise a file that was sent from an external party
Fire Safety Statement Used to categorise a file which is a Fire Safety Statement

3. Select 'Browse' to locate the File(s) you wish to upload and attach against the Contract . If it's easier, you can also drag and drop the file from your desktop.

4. Select 'Save' to save the files uploaded as attachments on the Job

5. Once the files are uploaded you can download them by selecting the File attachment name on the screen

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