How to Schedule a Routine Activity

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Routine Activities (RAs) need to be assigned to a Date, a Time and a Technician to carry out the work. Additional Technicians can also be assigned if a specific RA needs more than one person to carry out the task.

Scheduling an RA via the Search Screen

1. Open your RA search screen from the [Services] menu and select [Routine Activities]

2. Search for the RAs you'd like to schedule.

3. Select the RAs in the list and then use the 'Actions' menu to choose to assign a Technician, and Additional Technician or change the scheduled date.


4. When prompted, enter the Technician or Date you'd like to set the RAs to and select 'Assign'. At this point the RAs will be updated and update on the screen.


When bulk assigning the Date, it does not set the time. The system will keep the existing time that is already assigned to the RA. Use the Scheduler or RA screen to set the individual times.


Scheduling the RA via the RA Screen

1. Open the RA record you'd like to update. This is often via the Routine Activities search screen or Super Search.

2. Select 'Edit Routine Activity Details' to begin editing the RA.



3. Set the 'Assigned Technician' field to the employee you'd like to assign the RA to. 

4. Set the 'Date/Time Required' field to be the date and time the RA should be scheduled for


5. To assign additional Technicians to the RA, select the 'Extra Techs' option from the menu and then select 'Add Extra Technician'.


6. Set the Employee you'd like to also be scheduled for this RA and select 'Save'


Scheduling the RA via the Scheduler

1. Open the 'Schedule Jobs & Activities' screen from the 'Business Tasks' menu

2. Search for the RAs you'd like to schedule using the Filters on the left


3. Select an RA in the Calendar, Filtered Activities or Map to bring up the Edit dialog which allows you to set the Date/Time and Assigned Technician of the RA.



4. Set the 'Technician', 'Start Time' and 'End Time' of the RA. The 'End Time' will be automatically set when changing the 'Start Time'. It will be set based off the Estimation set for this type of Product Inspection Period in the Property set up. 


5. Select 'Save' to update your changes on the RA

Note: Changes will only be seen on the FireMate mobile application after the app is synchronised by the Technician running the app on their device


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