How to Set Up Lease Management

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Leases and Tenants can be managed within FireMate to better understand when Tenants are moving in and out of a Property. This then in turn allows you to manage the inspections for that Property and ensure they are carried out prior to a new lease commencing.

Leases are purely an optional piece of information and generally only suit businesses that are managing residential contracts.


Each Property can have 1 or more Leases added to it. A Lease has a Start Date, an End Date and one or more Tenants and Property Managers. A Tenant is simply a Contact of type 'Tenant' and needs to be first added to the Property list of Contacts prior to the Contact being assigned to a Lease.




The 'Current Lease' is deemed the Lease whose Start Date is less than the Current Date and whose End Date is larger than the Current Date.

Setting Next Inspections when a Lease Changes

When setting up a new Lease or changing an existing one, the system will ask whether you would like to set the Next Inspection Date for your inspections. This helps ensure that you are managing your inspections in relation to the Lease end and starting dates.


By answering 'Yes' to this question, you are then presented with the Property's list of Inspections.

You can then set the Next Inspection Date on any of the Inspections presented by simply selecting the 'Next Inspection Date' field and entering in the date. 


You can right-click and apply the same change to all Inspections in order to make a bulk change.


Once you save your changes, the next time Routine Activities are generated these Inspections will be factored in, assuming they fall within the period the User selects in the RA Generation screen.


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