How to Use Scheduler Filtering

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Damien Turnbull
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The Scheduler allows you to search for the Routine Activities, Service Requests and events that you're interested in reviewing or planning. Additional filtering can also be applied to the Filtered results table at the bottom of the screen.


You can search and filter the Routine Activities or Service Requests you're interested in scheduling by using the Filter options on the left of the screen.

The following filters are available:

Filter Description
Employees Filter by an employee to see their workload
Zone Filter by the Zone that the Property belongs to. Gain efficiency with this feature to send your Field Staff Member to one particular area
Routine Activities Filter by Routine Activity
Service Requests Filter by Service Requests
System And Equipment Types Filter by S&E Types
Customer Filter by Customer
ID/Keywords Add any id or keyword to narrow your search
Schedule Status Filter by Planned or Unplanned work
Selected From Map Shows the number of activities you have selected in the map view


Both filter sections can be collapsed, and the section at the bottom of the screen can be adjusted.


Search Results Filtering

When you search for the Jobs you wish to schedule, each record will be displayed in a Search Results table at the bottom of the screen. You can further filter the results by using the column header filtering found within the column header options of the field you wish to filter by.


You can also do a quick search across the results using the Search field in the top right of the Search Results table. The table will Filter as you type.


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