How to Use the Schedule Status

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On each Routine Activity and Service Request, the Schedule Status can be set to assist with booking in jobs. This will help in understanding which jobs are planned, which jobs are still being planned and which jobs will be unplanned.

Assigning a Schedule Status to an RA or SR

You can set the Schedule Status to 'Planned' or 'Unplanned' on each RA or SR via the Schedule Status field. Once the status is set to 'Planned', a warning message will be displayed each time you set the date or time on the RA/SR just to make sure you don't accidentally change a job that was previously planned.
You can also set the Schedule Status using the bulk action options in the Scheduler or in the RA or SR search screens which will allow you to set the Schedule Status on more than one record at once.


Routine Activity Generation

When a Routine Activity is generated, the Schedule Status will be set to 'Unplanned'. The exception to this is if the Inspection has been set up with a defined schedule eg the 1st Tuesday of every month. In this case, the Schedule Status will be set to 'Planned' during the generation of the RA.



Service Request Generation

When a Service Request is generated, the Schedule Status will be set to 'Unplanned'

Entry Notices & Key Requests

If your system is configured to automatically email out Entry Notices and Key Requests, then these will be automatically sent once an RA/SR has its Schedule Status sent to 'Planned'.

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