How to Set Up Package Invoicing

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Packages are a form of Contract invoicing that allows a Customer to be billed annually for a ‘package’ of service work. Package billing suits businesses who prefer to offer a variety of packages for their Customers to choose from and provide services relating to each package. As an example, for $99 per year per Property, you might offer to carry out inspections on smoke detectors for your customer for that fixed price. Packages can only be billed on an annual basis. 

Setting up Packages

1. Head to the [Settings Cog]
2. Select [Business] >> [Packages]
3. Select [+ Create New Package]
4. Enter the package Name, Price and Account Code
5. Select [Create] when done.

Editing an existing Package

Simply click on the package to edit it


Assigning a Package to a Contract

To assign a Package to a Contract, select the Package you wish to charge for from the Package field. The price of the package will be added to the Contract.
It’s important not to set any additional Contract Rates as the Package price will be used instead. You can only set a Yearly frequency when using Package Invoicing.
It’s also possible for you to set the start and end date of the contract to match the agreement dates you have with your Customer.

Invoicing a Package

When you generate your Contract Invoices the package price will be applied and a new Invoice generated for the Property. The Invoice will have the Package details applied along with the Account Code assigned to the Package.

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