How to Set Up Anniversary Dates

Stacey Bray
Stacey Bray
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What is an Anniversary Date and how does it work?

An anniversary date on an inspection is the date of the initial Routine Activity that was carried out on-site for that product and frequency. When this date is set, the tolerance time frame outlined in the AS 1851 Maintenance Standard will then be applied to the Routine Activities that are generated. This will help set a more accurate Deadline Date for the Routine Activity. Anniversary Dates are not mandatory, but when available should be set to better help you manage your business by ensuring Routine Activities are completed prior to the Deadline Date.

Setting an Anniversary Date

  1. Open the Inspections on the Property
  2. Select the Inspection you would like to set
  3. Set the date in the 'Anniversary Date' field
  4. Select [Save]


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