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A Service Request represents the work required to repair a defect, install a new piece of equipment or attend a callout.

Each Service Request can be assigned to a Field Staff Member to carry out the work, and if required the date and time the work should be carried out.

Service Requests are always associated with a Job and are often raised via a Quote although they can be created independently and is often the case for a call out.

The Statuses of a Service Request

Each Service Request is defined by a Status. These are:

Unassigned The Service Request is not yet assigned to a Technician
Assigned To Tech The Service Request has been assigned to a Field Staff Member's mobile app to complete the work
Awaiting Parts The Service Request could not be completed yet as parts need to be ordered
On Device The Service Request has been transferred to the Field Staff Member's mobile app to complete the work
Completed The Service Request has been completed and is ready to be invoiced
Can't Complete The Field Staff Member could not complete the Service Request
RFI (Ready for Invoice) The Service Request has been reviewed by office staff and is ready to be invoiced
Invoiced The Service Request has been invoiced
Closed The work is complete and the Service Request has been invoiced and the invoice has been exported into the accounting package, so the SR is now deemed Closed. This is the final journey for an SR
Cancelled The Service Request has been cancelled and does not need to be completed


Creating a New Service Request

You can add a new Service Request from the Create menu, the Service Request search screen, the Job screen or from within the Service Request Screen screen itself.

Creating an SR from the Create Menu


  1. To create a new Service Request from the Create menu, select [Service Request] from the list of options.
  2. When prompted select the Job and fill in all required fields. Mandatory fields are marked with a red Asterix.
  3. You must choose the System and Equipment Type and Product Type. Asset info is not a required field but is recommended if the SR is for a particular Asset.
  4. If the Field Staff Member needs to attend the site on a specific date/time you can set this under "Scheduled" and you can set a deadline date/time under "Deadline"
  5. The client request has been pulled through from the job, if you wish to include any additional details this can be added. 
  6. Select [Create] to finish creating your new Service Request. At this point, you will be redirected to the Service Request screen where you can add additional information to your SR if required.


Creating an SR from the Job

  1. From the Job Actions button, select [Create a New Service Request]
  2. The Job ID will already be populated in the Job field
  3. Follow the steps above from the "Creating an SR from the Create Menu" 

Service Request Details

The Details of a Service Request comprise of the following information.

System And Equipment Type The System And Equipment Type that the SR is for
Product Type The Product that the SR is for
Equipment Type The Equipment Type the SR is for
Asset  The Asset the SR is for
Scheduled The Date and Time that the SR is required to be done
Deadline The Deadline Date for the SR. Once this passes, it will show as overdue
Status  The current Status of the SR
Assigned Employee The Field Staff Member to complete the SR
Completed Date The Date and Time that the SR was completed
Est Completion Time (Min)  The estimation in minutes that this SR should take to complete. This will be the block of time that shows in the Scheduler
Defect The Defect that this SR relates to if applicable. An SR can be created without a Defect.
Invoice No. The Invoice that what created for this SR
Logbook Reference The Log Book reference number used on site
Client Request (SR Details) The description of the SR, Field Staff Members will see this description
Action Taken The description of the Action Taken by the Field Staff Member when completing the SR



Tasks can be optionally added to a Service Request which allows the work involved in the SR to be broken down into individual Tasks that are required to be completed inside the SR.

Each Task will have the Assigned Employee defaulted to the Employee assigned to the Service Request. Please note that a Task cannot be assigned to a different Employee than the SR

Each Task can have a Status of the following:

New The initial status of the Task when first created
In Progress The Task is assigned along with the Service Request and is scheduled for completion
Completed The Task has been completed by a Field Staff Member
Not Completed The Task could not be Completed
Awaiting Parts The Field Staff Member has started work on the Task but is waiting for parts to arrive to be used on the job


  1. To create a new Task, select [Tasks] from the menu and then select [+Add Task]
  2. Select the 'Asset' if the Task is for an Asset
  3. Enter the Description of the Task
  4. Select [Save]

Quotes, Invoicing and Delivery Settings

Changing these details will only apply if you have more than one Business Entity. If you have one Business Entity, there is no requirement to change these.

When setting up a Service Request you can define the settings around Quotes, Invoicing and the Delivery of service work for the SR.




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