The system doesn't update after an upgrade

Damien Turnbull
Damien Turnbull
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Like every system, the New FireMate system has the occasional hiccup. Whilst we working incredibly hard at ensuring the quality of the system is top-notch, every now and then, a gremlin gets in and plays havoc with our wires. Below is a set of issues that have been known to occur from time to time and how we resolve them.


The New FireMate should automatically update to the latest version on the User's PC after an upgrade. Every now and then, the User's browser doesn't like to play nicely, and the system remains stuck on the old. 


Use the mouse to navigate to the browser refresh button and hold down the Shift Key on the keyboard then select the refresh button.

This will force the browser to clear its local copy of the New FireMate software and redownload it from the server.

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